Brislin Security Solutions and Services

With a variety of solutions, we have different options to fit your unique needs.

From consulting to business development, training, recruiting, expert testimony and more, Brislin Security Solutions can help you with all of of your professional security needs. 

Business Strategy and
Client Development

Brislin successfully took the contract security company for whom he worked and ultimately acquired from $4 million in annual revenue to over $15M in a 20 year time span. All of these new contracts were acquired in central and northeast Ohio and eventually included business growth in central and northern Kentucky. By maintaining professional and excellent relationships with former competitors in the contract security business, Brislin now works for (2) two separate, locally owned businesses in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. He continues to build business for these firms.

Security Training, Recruiting and Professional Development

Brislin is the author of several security supervision and officer training manuals. His books are published by Elsevier and are considered to be the best training manuals currently in circulations. He has spoken at several ASIS International security programs and wrote a paper detailing the changes in the Affordable Care Act that directly impact the contract security industry. Brislin is an outspoken critic of security firms who do not comply with the mandate. A reasonable major medical insurance program for security officers has proven to dramatically reduce high turnover which is a constant issue in the industry.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Brislin has been hired in the past primarily for plaintiffs’ attorneys who sued contract security companies for negligence in the training and supervision of security officers where assaults occurred at large retail locations and hospitals. Because of his security officer training expertise, Brislin is considered an expert in the field.

Books, Published Articles, and Industry Whitepapers

Brislin is published expert with several publications, articles available and used by security executives to guide their security strategy and to train security professionals.  Check them out HERE

Security Audits & Inspections

Brislin evaluates the overall physical security plan for any type of business from Class A Office towers to manufacturing facilities, hospitals and distribution centers. These audits and assessments are generally completed with one week and a full and comprehensive security report with findings and recommendations is provided to the client.

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